The good, the bad and the ugly

First the bad which was created by the ugly. I lost two of my geese this week, one of them being my beloved Magellan I’ve written so much over the last 12 years or so about. The ugly bobcat took him and I saw the bobcat after him and couldn’t stop it. I’ll admit I’m a silly goose, I cried buckets over that goose being lost.

I also kicked the side out of the barn with both my menfolk, because I partially blame them for the loss. They had let the grass/weeds get totally out of control and therefore the bobcat got almost on top of Magellan before he saw it, by then he couldn’t run fast enough and neither could Jolie who tried valiantly to save my goose for me. Him, the goose’s name, was taken much the same way earlier in the week. We are now down to 10 PENNED geese until every weed within 5 acres of this house is knocked down and all wood piles are removed. I doubt dh will make the mistake of letting them out twice over my ruling, because it was him who let Gel-gel out.

Enough on that, on to the good.

The company the guys work for stood good on their promise to ds and got his refund check for tuition back to him as soon as he put in for it. I love they didn’t give him any hassle, of course it didn’t hurt he got an A in the class I am certain.

I managed to make another sizable payment on BOA, by cutting back on our grocery bill.

We got our first small engine repair item, a weed whacker, back from the shop.

the guy did an overall tune-up, changed out the spark plug and another small part for $20 and he did it on a holiday weekend in less than an hour (shortly after my fit throwing about them not getting the weeds knocked down dh rushed the machine over there) This week dh is suppose to take the weed whacker with the blade on it over to see if the guy can get it running. It will take more work for certain.