Collections Calls

I received a call at my place of work today from NRC collections agency, and i was just hoping someone would have information about what she told me. She indicated that she was calling to confirm my employeement since the paperwork faxed to initite wage garnishment was never replied to. I spke with our pay roll and there was nothing every received. I called the local court and check if there was a judgement filled that i never received either. I told her that she was unable to call this number since it was a place of work. She insisted she had the right and would not release from my phone. Said if I hung up she would call back and speak with my supervisor.

So my questions is are they allowed to speak to a 3rd party being my supervisor about my debt, or can they call after they know calls can not be received. Can they file for wage garshisment without any court actions. And is it against policy for them to say that have when they havent? Are they just trying to bully me in to paying it at this moment. btw the 1st document i receive from this group was mailed yesturday, so its not like they have had this account for along time. Any insite would be appreciated.

I would suggest ignoring it. It is not your responsibility from this point. A collections agency cannot just garnishee you. They have to sue you first. They cannot talk to your employer about your debt. They can only contact them regarding the garnishee, and then, only if they have won a law suit against you and won a judgement.

She can only talk to your boss and/or payroll department and then only about collecting the garnishment. and they would have to furnish your employer with proof of the garnishment also, not just verbally over the phone. If you supervisor has no authority regarding payroll, then the caller would be in violation of federal law.

Also you need to research the governments put out which explains what they can and cannot do. Next time, ask for their name and be sure to write it down. Then ask them what court the papers were filed with and the name and contact information of their lawyer. If they refuse any of these questions, tell them they are violating the law and they can answer to the judge when you sue them.

The low-life you spoke to gets paid based on how much and how soon the recover money from you. So, if they are speaking, they are lying. If they call back at your place of employment after you have told them not to, do not hesitate to file a complaint against the company with the federal government.