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Washington Mutual Question

I have a problem that I know I have handled all wrong but I don’t know what to do now.

Approx 3 years ago, I stopped paying on a WM credit card which had been sold to them by Providian (now WaMu). I had had 4 surgeries within a year and a half and was barely making my bills. I had called each of my creditors and most had tried to get me to keep up to date which I did. The problem with WM was that with interest charges I went overlimit and then the fun began. I called them many times. Finally they agreed to stop charging me overlimit fees until I could catch up. I paid that month feeling good. Unfortuntely, they didn’t stop and every time I called, I talked to someone in India who refused to work with me at all. I got mad and didn’t pay anything.

I have paid my other bills current during this time. About a year and a half ago, I called and offered to make payment arrangements but was told it was sold to collections. I couldn’t find out WHICH collections if you can believe it. Finally I did and called them. They offered me a settlement for $3000 (of the $4000 of which $1000 was overlimit and continuing interest). I could not do that. They sold me to another collections.

My question now: Though all my other credit is fine, the WM bill ruins me. I want to pay them off and never intended to do this, it just snowballed. What can I do? I am 2 years short of retirement and do not have a large income.

I would recommend calling them too see who has your account as well as order a current copy of your credit report. Also to get money quickly you can apply for no teletrack payday loans from WithNoTeletrack. This company has helped me a few times. They do not run credit checks and can approve youк application really fast.

Good luck!