Monthly Archives: June 2015

During June I have been working here or there on July’s budget

tweaking where I can. I have been allotting a certain amount for food from the grocery store and household stuff from Walmart ….. paper goods, health and beauty, etc. I have always just worked with the monthly amount. I have deiced to do this ….

(monthly grocery amount) x 12 divided by 52. This gives me a weekly amount to work with. I will still take it out of the checking on a monthly basis but shoot to come out as low as possible (within reason) under the weekly amount. I am doing this for the Walmart envelope as well. I am trying to decide what to do with any leftover at the end of the month. I am thinking …. FFEF, savings for a special family occasion, or ? If I can consistently come under budget for a few months I will probably cut back on those envelopes and move the money permanently some where else. I know in certain month I need extra food $$ like November and December. I may stash some back from the months I under spend for those months I need it at the end of the year. I know this is kinda nerdy but I see it as a new challenge for me! LOL

We had a craft show this weekend and I am working on getting a deposit ready and looking over all the numbers. So far our initial take on it is that we did well. they had someone there from the parish and the state collecting the tax at the end of the day. At first I was like … Ugh, taxes, don’t wanna deal with it at the end of a long day and right before packing to leave. However after the whole thing is said and done, I think I like it because, wham bam thank you ma’am I am done with the tax man for that event. No paper work to file or anything. However, I am holding to both receipts for a very long time to make sure I have proof I paid in case the state comes back and says different.

About this festival …. It was the Louisiana Peach Festival and we were in the indoor arts and crafts show which was juried. We did well enough, though it is a 5 hour trip one way, that we will go again next year. We are thankful we were indoors due to the heat and humidity outside. Then an monsoon came in the afternoon with thunder and lightening. Some thought there was a tornado but thankfully it was only a bad thunderstorm with some wind kicking up.

We are having friends over for July 4th so we have plenty to keep us busy around the house. Dh will probably do yard work today or tomorrow due to commitments on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be making a list shortly of things to do each day so I don’t get too worn out. Plus I need to print July’s budget out so I can cash out when pay checks hit the bank.

One summer

I stayed on campus all summer long to take some classes I couldn’t get in otherwise. The residence halls administration hired a few of us to be on call to remove bats that got into the dorms over the summer. They were relatively easy to remove; there were a few techniques we learned to ensure neither us nor the bats were injured in the process. But it kept us pretty busy. We joked that the campus needed one of the Bat signals to shine in the sky at night to let us know another bat needed rescuing. And yes, that summer my family called me Bat Girl. Those of you old enough will know exactly what I’m talking about.