Monthly Archives: May 2015

So yesterday when I got home from work

the guy I hired to clear the bushes in my backyard was still working. So as I walk in the door, I’m thinking about getting my checkbook to pay him. As I did so, I noticed there were spots all over my vestibule floor, and trying to think about what I may have spilled. As I’m doing so, I hear flapping behind me and see a bird trying to get into my house. So I try to keep the front door closed enough so he doesn’t get in, but still open the storm door enough for him to fly away. So after I accomplish that, I close the door and look around. I realize that the bird was NOT trying to get in – he was trying to get OUT. The spots I saw were bird crap all over the floor, and some on the walls.
I’m wondering, how the hell did he get IN here?!? I can’t imagine him flying in when I left in the morning…unnoticed. The only thing I can figure out is he came in through my mail slot(I only have a piece of cardboard covering the slot on the inside), and once he got in the cardboard flap came back down trapping him there. That makes me SO glad that I closed the door leading to the rest of the house – that would have been a lot more mess, and a lot harder time evicting my accidental house guest without injuring him. It still sucked cleaning up the bird poop in the 3×3 foot area…